"" : MARC HEAL "The Hum" (Armalyte Industries), PROTECTORATE "Protectorate" (EK Product), COVENANT "The Blinding Dark" (Dependent), SIVA SIX "Dawn Of Days" (Alfa Matrix), ORPHX "Pitch Black Mirror" (Hands Productions), META MEAT "Metameat" (ant-zen/Audiotrauma), BINARY PARK "Nothing" (Infacted Recordings), MARC HEAL "Adult Fiction" (Armalyte Industries), FIRST AID 4 SOULS "Trashcathedral" (Exabyss Records), FULL CONTACT 69 "Zombie Machine" (Razgrom Music), THE OPPOSER DIVINE "Reverse Human" (Aliens Production), JEROME CHASSAGNARD AND JEREMIE MATHES "Outer Dialog" (Hymen Records), MLADA FRONTA "Outrun" (M-Tronic).

 vAlien's TOP 10 2016  

  ORPHX "Pitch Black Mirror" (Hands Productions)
  MLADA FRONTA "Outrun" (M-Tronic)
  META MEAT "Metameat" (ant-zen/Audiotrauma)
  DALEK "Asphalt For Eden" (Profound Lore Records)
   "" (Happy Monday!)
  MARC HEAL "The Hum" (Armalyte Industries)
  COVENANT "The Blinding Dark" (Dependent)
  BIRDY "Beautiful Lies" (Atlantic Records)
  FULL CONTACT 69 "Zombie Machine" (Razgrom Music)
  GARBAGE "Strange Little Birds" (Stun Volume Records)


- www.mindphaser.com , NOISE UNIT . NOISE UNIT , FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Echogenetic". , FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Echoes" 13 2014 .

 vAlien's TOP 10 2015  

  DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER "All The Way Down" (Artoffact Records)
  GOD MODULE "Prophecy" (Metropolis Records)
  HAUJOBB "Blendwerk" (Basic Unit Productions)
  ORPHX "The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 2" (Hymen Records)
  SYNAPSCAPE "Rhythm Age" (ant-zen)
  CAMOUFLAGE "Greyscale" (Bureau D)
  NEUROTICFISH "A Sign Of Life" (Non Ordinary Records)
  ONECYZE PROJECT "Absolute Zero" (EK Product)
  FORMALIN "Supercluster" (Out Of Line)
  GRAND((0))SIGNAL "Aktivation" (Self-Release)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2014  

  3TEETH "3Teeth" (Artoffact Records)
  MLADA FRONTA "Polygon" (Artoffact Records)
  DEPRESSIVE DISORDER "Sep7em" (Monopolrecords)
  ORPHX "The Sonic Groove Releases Pt. 1" (Hymen Records)
  SYNTECH "Only Ruins Remain + Decade" (Hands Production)
  VOMITO NEGRO "Death Sun" (Scanner)
  MONOLITH "Crashed" (Hands Production)
  AXIOME "The Smell Of Lava In The Morning" (ant-zen)
  PHANTOGRAM "Voices" (Republic Records)
  E-CRAFT "ReArrested" (Infacted Recordings)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2013  

  FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Echogenetic" (Dependent/Metropolis Records)
  GEOMATIC & LAGOWSKI "Cosmochemistry" (M-Tronic/Strange Place Records)
  SMP "Death Of The Format" (WTII Records)
  NINE INCH NAILS "Hesitation Marks" (Columbia Records)
  OHM "Ohm" (Artoffact Records)
  PANKOW "And Shun The Cure They Most Desire" (Out Of Line)
  DIE KRUPPS "The Machinists of Joy" (Synthetic Symphony)
  AUTODAFEH "Blackout Scenario" (Scanner)
  YASMINE HAMDAN "Ya Nass" (Kwaidan Records/Crammed Discs)
  KLANGSTABIL "Shadowboy" (ant-zen)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2012  

  MLADA FRONTA "Le Cycle Du Soleil" (Sounds Of Industry)
  FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "AirMech" (Dependent)
  VELVET ACID CHRIST "Maldire" (Metropolis Records)
  PORTION CONTROL "Pure Form" (Other Sounds
  DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER "Rag Doll Blues" (Artoffact Records)
  OBJECT "Mechanisms Of Faith" (Electro Aggression Records)
  2:54 "2:54" (Fat Possum Records)
  BEACH HOUSE "Bloom" (Sub Pop)
  EXITMUSIC "Passage" (Secretly Canadian)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2011  

  PAIL "Faith In The Void" (Caustic Records)
  HAUJOBB "New World March" (Zweieck Recordings)
  BINARY PARK "Worlds Collide" (Infacted Recordings)
  COVENANT "Modern Ruin" (Synthetic Symphony)
  VNV NATION "Automatic" (Anachron Sounds)
  DIFFUZION "Winter Cities" (Alfa Matrix)
  AUTODAFEH "Act Of Faith" (Scanner)
  THIS MORN'OMINA "L'Unifications Des Forces Opposantes" (ant-zen)
  SIVA SIX "The Twin Moons" (Alfa Matrix)
  ACRETONGUE "Strange Cargo" (Dependent)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2010  

  FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Improvised.Electronic.Device" (Dependent)
  IN[TOXIN] "The Future Is Now" (X-Line)
  EMPTY "Surfacing" (Aphotic Audio)
  FORMALIN "Bodyminding" (Out Of Line)
  CRYO "Hidden Aggression" (Progress Productions)
  UNIT:187 "Out For Blood" (Vendetta Music)
  IRIS "Blacklight" (Infacted Recordings)
  CURL "We Are Complex" (D-Monic)
  DRYFT "Ventricle" (n5md)
  A INDUSTRYA "Best Of 2002/2004 Volume One" (Phantasm13)

 vAlien's TOP 10 2009  

  MESH "A Perfect Solution" (Dependent)
  DEPRESSIVE DISORDER "The Chronicle Of Fear" (MonopolRecords)
  PARRALOX "State Of Decay" (Conzoom Records)
  [:SITD:] "Rot" (Accession Records)
  PLASMODIVM "Paradise Under Fire" (Caustic Records)
  SPLATTERPUNK "Channel 83" (Caustic Records)
  ASSEMBLAGE 23 "Compass" (Accession Records)
  URCEUS EXIT "Compensation For The Sound Of Silence" (Artoffact Records)
  LINGOUF "Ange Et Gruikk" (ant-zen)
  SAROS "Labyrinth ...And We Shall All Die Trying" (H-Musix)




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